Top 10 reasons to jailbreak a phone

1.  Make the Lock Screen More Useful

By default, the iOS lock screen isn’t all that useful. All it really does is show you the time or some notifications.  However, if you jailbreak your iPhone, you can gain access to a handful of tweaks that allow you to make the lock screen extremely useful by putting all sorts of information on it so that it’s only a click away without unlocking your device.

2. Use unauthorized  Apps

Let's face it, today's digital world is different.  Why not seek more freedom and gain access to banned apps.  Apple is well-known for banning all sorts of apps from the iTunes App Store. It mostly has to do with safety and preventing any malware from making its way in, but it also has a little bit to do with competition and control.  Get your freedom today.

3. Set Default Apps

The iPhone doesn’t let you set default apps, therefore, use jailbreaking to add this functinality to your iPhone and give yourself more options.

4. Customize Control Center

Control Center on iOS is amazing, however, the experience can also be much improved. Fortunately, jailbreaking permits you to customize Control Center.  Check out the several tweaks available such as FlipControlCenter, CCHide, and so on.

 5.  More Protection Using Touch ID Tweaks

Touch ID on the iPhone is terrific, however, it’s currently restricted to only a handful of apps and its functionality could be utilized in several more ways.  Jailbreaking delivers more options to your finger tips.

6.  Better Anti-Theft Features

Anytime you can gain access to more anti-theft features, that's usually a great thing.  Jailbreaking provides extra support and multiple security measures to ensure you can keep your valuable phone with you at all times.

7.  Adjust UI Elements

iOS 9 offers a wonderful user interface, however, if you want to tweak it slightly, there are several jailbreak tweaks and apps at your disposal like Springtomize.

8.  Create Useful and more practical Shortcuts

With a jailbroken iPhone, you can make your device easier to navigate indeed.  Discover the numerous apps that allow you to create various shortcuts such as Activator.

9.  Streamline

There are sometimes small things that end up being annoying. Jailbreaking allows you to fix those annoyances and customize your iPhone exactly how want it which is exactly the way it ought to be.

10.  Customize your apps

Make your apps exactly how you desire.  When you jailbreak your iphone, you can adjust and customize various things to your complete satisfaction.


Now you have seen all the advantages to jailbreaking, what are you waiting for?  Be sure to get started today.  Imagine the power of unlimited usage for jailbreaking as new OS firmware comes out, you can get total access.  You can't beat jailbreaking, please order today